The last of Veronica

I recently watched "Adventureland" a movie about college kids working summer jobs at an amusement park. College kid movies often play broad, but this one was subtle. I'm not spoiling it for you when I say the two characters you want to see fall in love, do finally fall in love. And you know what, I bought it-hard. I loved it. Sixteen dollars (admission, two bags of peanut M&Ms, small popcorn and a Dr. Pepper) well spent.

Love and romance look so danged good on screen. We sit there feeling envious watching, wondering why love never seems that Lovey for us in real life. Movie producers are dang glad we think that way because if we felt our lives were as exciting as the ones on screen, we wouldn't bother going to the movies.

Driving home after the movie I was thinking through my past experiences, not just with love, but with any and all things, and I realized our lives are as exciting as the ones we see on screen, and if we could step away and watch our life scenes play out from a strangers point of view, we just might end up interested enough to rent our own life's dvd over and over. We might even buy it.

I remembered Veronica. If there had been a camera following us around the summer we acted together in "Of Mice and Men" with good editing, our romance would have played on screen as titlatingly sweet as the one I watched that night in the movie.

The midnight motorcycle ride Veronica and I took would have cut well as a montage, flashing images that would make even the most hard hearted audience member try to conjure a similar movie worthy episode from their past.

Midnight bike montage: to music prototype Taylor Swift/Faith Hill.

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