It's time for full access in NYS

Marriage is not a stagnant institution, void of change or social evolution. On the contrary, it is one of the measures of a society at any given time and place.

The adoption of gay marriage would be just another step in allowing freedom and access to all citizens - regardless of sexual orientation.

I talked with state Senator Betty Little about gay marriage recently. She indicated to me that she supports civil unions, but does not believe that a contract of monogamy between two men or two women should qualify as a marriage.

Although the civil union idea would handle almost all of the access issues, it still draws a line. It still draws a distinction between heterosexuals - full citizens - and homosexuals - almost full citizens.

Some are not thrilled with the idea of an adopted child having two "mommies." But, if the social stigma was removed from "gayness," would there really be any problem?

We must not allow ourselves to fall into the traps of our forefathers. Should we start arguing that a gay man is only worth two-thirds that of a straight one?

The gay marriage issue is at the cusp of the current United State's redefinition of itself. It is not an attack on American values. On the contrary, it is reaffirmation of the values which are the foundation of this nation.

Marriage is not a stagnant institution and when it comes to same-sex marriages it is time for some change. I urge our lawmakers to grant full access and privileges to all citizens.

Jonathan Alexander is News Enterprise editor. He can be reached at jonathan@denpubs.com

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