Addison County students graduate UVM

Some 2,240 students were awarded a variety of bachelor's degrees during the University of Vermont's 205th Commencement ceremonies on May 17. There were some 410 advanced degrees awarded by the UVM Graduate College and approximately 100 women and men took the oath of Hippocrates following the awarding of their M.D. degrees at ceremonies of the UVM College of Medicine.

A list of Addison County students and the degree earned by each follows, arranged alphabetically by hometown.

Please note that undergraduate honors designations, if earned, follow student names. They are designated as "*," "**", and "***" for cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude, respectively.

Addison, Gerrit W. Gosliga, BS, Animal Sciences

Addison, Jennifer A. Litch, BS, Early Childhood Preschool

Bridport, Stephanie G. Coffey, BA, Mathematics

Bristol, Elizabeth C. Brynn, BA, Art History

Bristol, Andrew S. Cooper, BS, Computer Science

Bristol, Caleb J. Doyle-Burr, BS, Psychology

Bristol, Carolyn M. Dundon, BA, Psychology

Bristol, Kathryn L. Foley, BS, Microbiology

Bristol, Sumra S. Harper-Deas, BS, Dietetics

Bristol, Megan M. Heffernan, BS, Athletic Training Education

Bristol, Lisa J. Henley, BS, Elementary Education K-6

Bristol, Vanessa M. Lang*, BA, Sociology

Bristol, Raymond L. McCoy, BA, Anthropology

Bristol, Israel J. Provoncha, BS, Secondary Education Social Sciences

Bristol, Jennifer M. Staples***, BA, Psychology

Bristol, William G. Steggerda, BA, English

Bristol, Jared G. Williams, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Cornwall, Allison R. Cram, BS, Art Education

Cornwall, Emily H. Falta**, BS, Community & International Development

Cornwall, Jed R. Norris, MED, Special Education

Cornwall, Jordan M. Sax, MD, Medicine

East Middlebury, Sandra J. Chicoine, MED, Curriculum & Instruction

East Middlebury, Mary E. Stewart**, BA, English

East Middlebury, Reese E. Wisnowski, BS, Recreation Management

Lincoln, Hannah S. Allen, BS, Individually Designed

Lincoln, Cassidy T. Dobek, BA, Art History

Lincoln, Jameson G. Halnon, BA, Political Science

Lincoln, Audrey B. Rotax, BA, Studio Art

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