•100 Years Ago - June, 1909•

Band of gypsies rolls through town

A caravan of gypsy wanderers arrived in Warrensburgh on June 9, 1909 and were up to all of their old tricks by swapping horses and telling fortunes.

They make an easy living. The gypsy women, in gaudy apparel, read palms and the men doctor up their old plug horses to pass muster to the unwary. They seem to enjoy their simple life living in tents and wagons. The children are lithe of limb with clear eyes and pink cheeks and they are seldom sick. They play with their pet dogs and gather wild flowers from the field to sell for pennies.

When the band tires of one place, or are ordered to leave, they move on. "They fold their tents like the Arabs and silently steal away."

'Buffalo Bill' Cody in Glens Falls show

The world-renowned union of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and Pawnee Bill's Far East Show will be in Glens Falls June 18, 1909 and the excitement there is growing. In the Wild West segment, Col. William F. Cody, the last of the great scouts, will appear in the saddle on his famous white horse, Isham, at every performance, showing some remarkable exhibitions of expert horsemanship. (Note: William F. Cody got the name "Buffalo Bill" in 1867 when he was chief of scouts under General Crook and claimed to have killed 4,280 bison. He toured for many years with his Wild West show which made him an American legend. His later partnership with Gordon W. Lillie, known as "Pawnee Bill," was not as successful. Cody was a close friend of "Bronco" Charley Miller of Glens Falls, who toured with him and the show for five years in America and Europe.)

Coroner called to investigate death

Ruth Holcomb, the six-week-old girl baby of Mr. and Mrs. Asa Holcomb of Knowelhurst, Stony Creek area, was found dead in bed with her mother on Saturday morning, June 5, 1909. Coroner Dr. G.H. Aldrich of Creek Centre was sent to investigate the case and he decided that she was either accidentally smothered or strangled.

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