Group aims to control Pittsford growth

Konwin said that as a member of the Planning Commission working on a new five-year town plan, comments and suggestions were solicited during a dozen or more meetings with local citizens and representatives from all aspects of social, business, safety, clergy and government organizations in Pittsford.

"Often the lack of a more vibrant village center appeared to be holding up improvements and at the same time encouraging sprawl," he said. "Several new businesses had opened along the highway during the last few years and all closed within a short time."

Konwin suggested that "if those same venues were in a village center they would have had a better chance for success by utilizing common parking and providing more customer convenience. A customer could resolve several errands with only one stop and at the same time perhaps meet with their neighbors and catch up on the local news. We often heard of the desire for more sidewalks but where would they go to? Now, we will have a place for sidewalks to go."

Morgan said the PCC will be holding townwide planning events to develop a master plan; it will also work with several state and federal agencies to help design and to provide the necessary financing required.

"There will also be the need for other non-profits and local fund raising events to help assist in the required funding," Morgan said. "Anticipated anchors for the project include affordable housing through the improvements on the existing 18th-century farmhouse, improved parking and the most important venue of all, a new post office. The existing one no longer meets the post office space requirements and the citizens of Pittsford need a larger post office with improved parking. The post office is critical to the future of the village center and will help to provide the required anchor to entice new venues. Some town offices might want to relocate to the village center to be more visible and to better serve the needs of its citizens."

The Pittsford Community Corporation meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday ofthe month at the Maclure Library. Comments can be forwarded to Baird Morgan at 483-6335 (bairdmorgan@myfairpoint.net) or Thor Konwin at 483-2971 (thorkonwin@aol.com).

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