Westport 6/6/09

We were out in the yard transplanting sunflowers and cosmos last Sunday afternoon when we noticed the massive stormcloud blowing in through the big gap in the Westport Hills, right over Nicholls Pond. It was Amanda who said she thought it might be a good idea to take cover, and get the remaining planters under cover, too.

Well, to be honest, it was Amanda who was transplanting the sunflowers and cosmos, too, and lazybones here who was hanging out in the sun, pretending to be engaged on other projects.

Anyway, it was already a breezy day, but as that big old stormcloud drew closer, trailing sheets of gray under it, I allowed as how she might be right. Was she ever! Howling wind, horizontal rain, and a temperature drop that felt like 20 degrees replaced the sunny day in just a few minutes. Dogs, cats, and people fled inside. It didn't last long. An hour later it was as if it never happened, only chillier.

It wasn't till the next day, when I went in to town to get the mail, that I noticed the fresh scars and fresh stumps along Main Street and on the Library Lawn. It seems each year more and more of our magnificent old trees are going down. By then, the messes been cleaned up by the quick responders on the town crew, who do such a great job for us.

I swung by the Town Office to find out how bad it had been, remembering the severe windstorm that did so much damage just a bit later than this last year. Supervisor Dan Connell was there, and he told me that the storm had knocked power out in several pockets, including Ledge Hill, Angier Hill, and on 9N up toward the Northway. Trees had fallen across power lines on Sherman Road, which might have accounted for the outage at Angier Hill. As far as he knew, power had been restored everywhere by early Monday afternoon.

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