NCSPCA 6/6/09

This week, the NCSPCA would like to bring to your attention a practice that, while not uncommon, can cause or canine friends real discomfort. "Chaining" is the act of tying a dog to a stationary object, or stake, usually in the owner's backyard. The main problem with chaining is that dogs are naturally social animals, and being tethered in one place prevents them from the natural interactions they would other have with either other dogs or human companions. Over a period of time, an otherwise friendly log can become anxious, irritable, and aggressive. In addition, the necks of tethered dogs can become chafed and raw from constant pulling. Chained dogs are a target for other animals or humans due to their inability to escape an unsafe situation. Research studies have also shown that chained dogs have a tendency to become aggressive. A humane alternative is to provide an enclosed pen where your pet can run freely, adequate shelter from the elements, and, preferably, allowing your pet in the home at night or during inclement weather.

Our featured pet this week is Iah, a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees. This beautiful fellow has a thick ivory coat that will shine with regular brushing. It is impossible to avoid the temptation to run your fingers through his thick hair. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots. He is a high energy dog that needs a home with no other pets or older children. Iah is a people-pleaser who will go to great lengths to earn your praise. Iah is intelligent and a quick learner. He has been well-cared for and has a terrific personality. If you are looking for a companion who loves to go jogging with you and has plenty of energy for play, Iah may be the dog for you!

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