Circumventing the bypass

The argument states that people will be so close to the business district, that they will basically be herded toward the local business center.

I am not sure I buy it.

Although if successful, the interconnect would bring more people to the fringes of downtown, it still doesn't address the primary issue.

Rte. 28 is the barrier and people have to get across to spend their cash.

I have heard rumblings about a future gondola, which would bring people to Main Street. But what is the actual likelihood of such a thing happening in my lifetime?

So how do we get people across the road? That is the question.

The presence of the Frontstreet development will give tourists the opportunity to eat, sleep and party right next to the ski bowl. And this is certainly not going to help with the efforts to bring more traffic to Main Street.

I asked Supervisor Goodspeed about this issue once, and he said that a shuttle bus is being discussed. However, the funding stream for such a thing is still up in the air.

Would taxpayers shoulder the expense? Business owners? The chamber? The alliance?

How about a foot-bridge? Would the APA allow such a thing?

I think it is fair to say that the bypass has put the North Creek business owner at a huge disadvantage as people speed by, never noticing the small signs proclaiming the hamlet's existence.

If the interconnect is to reinvent downtown, then there must be a focus on some mechanisms that will direct people to Main Street. Otherwise, it may just be a boom for a few developers - at least in the winter.

It seems that one of the most pressing issues for our local officials is dealing with the bypass in a year-round context.

We can market North Creek as a destination all we want, but without making it visible, I fear it may be all for naught.

Jonathan Alexander is News Enterprise editor. He can be reached at jonathan@denpubs.com

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