Community gardens growing toward Northern Tier

MOOERS - Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular for providing nutritious food, reducing food budgets and even improving neighborhood development. And, as they've been seen popping up throughout the region, Mooers is getting in on the growing trend.

The Mooers Community Garden has been established on LaValley Road on six acres of land owned by Mooers resident Ron Trombly, who came up with the idea.

"[Trombly] said he had been cultivating it for the last few years and he didn't have a need for it," explained Marge Pombrio, who serves as the public relations liaison for the garden group.

With the abundance of land donated for use as a community garden, Pombrio and her husband, Royce, worked to set up 20-foot by 70-foot plot lines, leaving a plot for themselves.

"We can make smaller plots. We can make some half the size," Pombrio said. "We're new at this too, so, we just want to help the community."

So far, only one other taker has chosen to set up a plot, leaving plenty of space for more plots to begin. Considering plots are free of charge and not limited to Mooers residents, Pombrio said she'd like to see interest and the garden enlarge.

"It really is a wonderful opportunity for families that either live in apartments or mobile homes that don't have land or don't have land worked up or don't have the knowledge," she said. "We're not experts by any means, but if we can help anybody with anything, we'd be glad to."

"It may be too late this year to get more than one or two more people," she added, "though the way that the weather has been, it's so cold that people will be starting their gardens maybe later."

Currently, the Mooers Community Garden does not have a water source, except for the Great Chazy River, which it is situated against. However, Trombly had spoken to Pombrio about putting in a water system next year.

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