Time to talk turkey

A few weeks ago, I shared some personal thoughts and opinions about acting, performing and auditioning. I wrote the column because folks often share with me a hidden desire to get up on stage and test their ability; I thought sharing bits of my prior experiences from the business-of-show, might in some way help them. Not sure how the column was received by the "lay" actor public, but I did hear from the artistic director of a well-known area theater group. He told me he agreed with the thoughts and methods I shared in the piece. His comments left me no choice than to think the acting-tip column was worth the time. Hence the following "test speech" for you tentative, but future thespians, to work on-at your leisure.

The speech below can be performed fast, slow, shouted, screamed, played in full-on turkey apparatus, a pilgrim suit, a wheelchair, a wading pool, or on top of an R.V. It can be sung, signed, or spoken in Japanese.

The list of ways you can present this turkey piece is endless; each of those ways can work. But if I were you, before I'd rent the turkey outfit from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade folks, I'd start by simply reading the piece over, and over, and over, until any natural ability you have surfaces, allowing you to illuminate the words without using gimmicks or tricks.

I wrote the bit below to be performed on a radio show. If, as you read it, you think it's boring and lacking and pointless... you're probably right.

Don't give up. The key thing is that if you put enough time in with a piece-even one that reads blah-you'll find it will come to life through you, especially if you have any ability at all and even if you have no ability whatsoever. All you have to do is put the time in, approach it with simplicity, and be patient. The words won't let you down.

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