National attention focuses on Lake George as Today Show broadcast from Sagamore Resort

Vieira and Curry had said one of the most spectacular and surprising experiences of her trip to the Lake George region was fly-fishing in the rushing Schroon River, wearing waders, knee-deep in the water, surrounded by nature's lush beauty.

"With the water rushing around me, connecting with nature, the fish, the beauty of the trees, it was a blast," Curry said.

One of the live highlights Monday was a gunny-sack race staged with the celebrities accompanied by children enrolled in Lake George and Bolton's youth recreation programs. About eight children jumped along a short course beside Vieira and Curry. Among those Lake George youth bounding over the course with the celebrities were Colby Cracco, Mason Flatley, Shelbie Suddard, Grace Hatin, Emily LaBruzzo, and Nick Crocitto. The latter two were presented trophies on the live national broadcast for "winning' the high-spirited race.

Shelbie seemed star-struck after the race.

"Ann Curry shook my hand, hugged me, and said I was a great kid - it was awesome," she said. "This is something I'd never thought I'd do in my lifetime."

Vieira and Curry both danced a jig - Vieira with considerable energy and abandon - to the Stony Creek Band, a notorious local group that played their down-home music for a 9 a.m. segment.

Between the live shots, Vieira and Curry signed some autographs and talked to a number of people they picked out from the crowd.

Stony Creek Band lead guitarist John Strong looked at the swarming production crews and the cheering crowds.

"It's a great morning when you start out appearing on the Today Show," he joked, adding a quip about his band's acronym rhyming with the network's handle.

"SBC on NBC, I like it," he said with a laugh.

Bandmate Hank Soto - who had drilled a wild bluegrass riff on his steel-top guitar as Vieira kicked up her heels - said later that the band would have liked to play all morning for the crowd.

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