Space aliens invade Ti!

"We're looking at creative ways to broaden the fort's audience," Hall said. "As a private not-for-profit historic site we're able to entertain special projects like this. When I saw how thrilled our visitors and staff were when they encountered Klingons at the fort I knew it was a good fit."

"Marci was really excited to have us there and brought us to several locations that were just incredible," said Cawley. "She had a real eye for what we were looking for and had great ideas on how to work with us."

The concerns of staging the shoot on location were quickly way-laid by the ultra-modern Mars Center, which was used as both wardrobe/makeup and a green room/craft services area.

Hall's support of the new, ambitious shooting plan found her greeting the truckloads of Star Trek: Phase II's cast, crew and equipment as they arrived. She stayed for a 10 hours of shooting each night, aiding the producers to quickly overcome any unexpected obstacles that cropped up.

While the crew magically turned night into day and transformed the stone buildings and nearby paths into parts of the "Sacred City" on Qo'nos, the makeup and wardrobe department used the ground level classroom in the Mars Center to turn every passing body into an alien - including a surprised Hall.

"With Hall's support, unparalleled teamwork on the part of the production crew - and several dozen pizzas, the two nights of filming went off without a hitch and the impossible location shoot became a brilliant reality. The footage from Fort Ticonderoga looks absolutely amazing," declared Cawley. "Using that location is going to make this our best episode yet."

Also helping the film crew was Lyle St. Jean, supervisor of Fort Ticonderoga's property. He worked closely with Co-Executive Producer and Lead Electrician Gary Evans and Lighting Designer (Gaffer) Robert Mauro.

Principle photography on "Kitumba" wrapped in the early morning hours of June 15 and the episode is now in post-production, with an expected release date in early 2010 at www.startreknewvoyages.com

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