NCSPCA 7/11/09

With the beautiful summer weather finally making an appearance, many dog owners are taking their happy pups on long walks to enjoy the sun. It's important to keep in mind a few rules of etiquette when taking your dog into a public place. Here are a few tips:

When walking your dog in public, first keep in mind that not everyone is a "dog" person - some people actively dislike or even fear dogs. Remember to respect the personal space of not only other dog walkers, but people in general. Your dog should not be able to jump on them or sniff their legs unless they encourage his attention! Be used to correcting your dog if he does not walk in line with you. You should be in control of your canine friend - not the other way around!

Another reason it's so crucial to have good control of your dog is that an encounter between two dogs can turn bad quickly - even if your dog is well-trained. If your dog starts to growl, don't just admonish it; get its attention through a quick tug on the leash and let it know that you won't put up with that mood. If your dog is having too much trouble, remove it from the situation as quickly as possible.

Finally, if possible, train your dog to use your yard as his bathroom - not the neighbor's yard or the local park. If he does insist on making his deposits in public places, it is proper manners to clean up after him. Your dog can be encouraged to use your yard by offering treats as rewards.

Our featured pet this week is Angel, an adorable cream-colored Chihuahua who lives up to her name. Angel's owner could no longer care for her in hopes that she would find a family to give her lots of attention and cuddles. She is a very petite young lady who just wants to be loved. Despite her small size, Angel has a huge heart with plenty of room for everyone in your family. She wants nothing better to do then lounge on your lap and love you forever.

If you haven't stopped by the shelter in awhile, please check our list of adoptable pets online, or come by to visit us in person! We may have exactly the best friend you are looking for.

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