Graduates share memories, wisdom

White concluded, "It is with great joy that we accept our diplomas tonight, but our pride is in more than a piece of paper. It is in knowing that we have come one step closer to achieving our dreams, and that is why we face you tonight not regretting the past, but looking forward to the future."

Willsboro Central School

The 26 graduates of Willsboro Central School reflected on memories they shared throughout their education.

"It has been a long 13 years from kindergarten to our senior year, but we seemed to make it through," said salutatorian Kristen Hotaling. "We have had some great memories both here at our new school and back at the old school. This day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both ourselves and everyone who made it possible."

Briana Reynolds, valedictorian of the class, read a speech based on the alphabet.

"F stands for friends forever," she said. "Our class is small and at one point you are friends with everyone, but it takes the bad times to bring out the true friends that you'll never forget no matter where you go or who you meet.

"G stands for growing. As time passed, we each grew in many different ways, but the biggest was growing up. No matter how much that happens, we will forever stay young."

Keene Central School

The Keene Central School Class of 2009 know that they are products of their hometown, and are prepared to take the next step.

"Life is unexpected, just like the wilderness that is right outside these doors," said Reed. "Believe me when I say, despite how well you know the trail, you never know exactly what you will face."

"From the beginning of your hike, there are bugs; in your ears, up your nose, in your eyes, in your mouth; biting, buzzing everywhere. Occasionally you inhale them, and they just won't leave. There is never any use for bug repellent because it never seems to work. There is always a really big fat horse fly that won't stop bothering you and even though you want to slap it, you don't, you're just waiting for the right time."

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