Essex 7/11/09

Gretna Strong Jerdo died on July 4th and, once more, one of the straight shooting, honest, long time residents of Reber and Whallonsburg has left us. We remember Gretna and twin, Etna, as they grew and became the solid citizens so important to this area.

I don't know about some of you folk, but I like reading "letters to the editor." Unlike most newspapers which use pre-written articles, these letters tend to reflect local positions, most often polemic, and sometimes singular. I always, like to grade them, like, I used to, like, grade college freshman papers. Last week's News had four letters. Three pulled down "passing grades;" they were succinct and prepared without pretentiousness. The fourth got an F, because it committed the most egregious writing fault: plagiarism. The writer never identified the source of his material. Shame, shame, Marx would have been upset at such sophomoric pandering.

M of the Old Burt writes that her husband beats her whenever she tries to tell him she doesn't like to be beaten.

"He tells me he loves me and that beating me is merely an expression of his love," she writes. She goes on to say "He never listens to my cries of pain. How can I get his attention?"

Dear M, the best way to get his attention and change his indifference to you is to rap him with a six foot 2x4.

What a July 4th parade in Essex! Walking politicians, 78 pounds of flying candy, the continuously improving Police Pipe Band from P-Burg, shortcake with freshly picked strawberries, lotsa floats, and the Methodist Sunday School float with our grandchildren on it, which should have won second prize, but was robbed. Lastly, the Firemen's gut wrenching, heartburning, sausage, onions and green peppers on buns cooked with all natural organic grease made any fireworks unnecessary. The other fireworks will be ignited on July 11.

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