V.P. Biden tells area citizens economic recovery will take time

Biden praised Paterson for his work in putting the stimulus money to work quickly and appropriately.

U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy of Glens Falls was directly to the right of Biden, sitting on a high stool, as the vice president gave his speech. Murphy also talked about how the recovery would take time, but an economic turnaround was already underway in the 20th Congressional District.

"We've seen the over $200 million of projects here in the 20th District that have been green-lighted - a lot of these haven't been started yet."

Regardless of the euphoric crowd welcoming Biden, local Republican leaders criticized much of the stimulus act for which Biden was drumming up support in his multi-city tour.

Essex County Republican Party Chairman Ron Jackson, Town of Essex Supervisor, said he supported the way money was spent on infrastructure, but not on the obscure projects and studies, nor the corporate bailouts.

"The money spent on roads, bridges, water and sewer projects was all very good - particularly in the North Country where we're desperate for this infrasructure, and it's a good investment in the nation," he said. "But when you throw in the spending on a frog tunnel in Florida and a mouse refuge in California for millions of dollars, these are ridiculous and obviously pure pork for Democratic districts."

Jackson also criticized the bailouts of corporations as unfair. He accused the Democrats of imporoperly "buying votes" by making sure the workers were protected, while shafting stockholders with a loss of their entire investment - and bondholders with a loss of two-thirds of their assets.

"This wasn't fair, and it was a pure payoff to labor to buy votes - and our grandchildren will be paying for it," he said.

Warren County Republican Chairman Michael Grasso's criticism was stronger and wider in scope.

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