Seton Catholic hosts 20th annual commencement exercises

PLATTSBURGH - Forty-six students from Seton Catholic Central have now begun their journey into the real world, experiencing life after high school.

The school hosted its 20th annual commencement exercises at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh Hawkins Hall June 20, as graduation speakers reminisced about time spent at the parochial school and looked toward the future.

Valedictorian Genna M. Hartung reflected on her high school career as a time when memories were made. Each laugh, each tear, each mistake and each success made the students who they are today, said Hartung, with each moment in their lives being just as important as the other.

"It is also within minutes and seconds that a life can change: a baby is born, a loved one dies, or a graduation ceremony commences," said Hartung. "It is interesting how life can be so defined by such a minute passage of time."

Statistically, the passing moments are insignificant, Hartung said.

"In the lifetime of the average American, we will experience over 2 billion seconds," she said. "In reality, it is within these brief but numerous memories that we are truly affected, for all these moments combined are what create lasting memories and impressions that we are sure to never forget."

During her address, salutatorian Andrea M. Maynard said she will also miss her fellow students, which she likened to the ingredients of a recipe for the ideal class.

"Our class, the dough that we have created, is a perfect mixture of every parent and every teacher; taking their lessons, their guidance, their support," said Maynard. "When we started our journey, we let the dough set, the chemical reactions begin, the friendships to form, the family to develop. And, when the time is was right, we put it in the oven to let it bake."

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