Lake George grads' past experiences have prepared them for future challenges

"I encourage every person in this room to live their dreams, because the present only comes once," she said.

With a generous dose of humor, Gaibrois related in detail his pre-teen trepidation in facing seventh grade, including a Chevy-Chase-type mishap as he examined his clothing in preparation for his first day of junior high school.

"We've been there together thought he stressful and challenging times, and naturally the fun and downright amusing times as well," he said.

"This was quite the new beginning here at 381 Canada Street, but we have even greater things ahead of us," he said.

"The most important thing is how we have learned to turn to each other and our teachers."

Evaluating the future was undertaken at the ceremony by honor students Richard Kandora, Emily O'Carroll and Monique Merchant.

O'Carroll observed that each member of the Class of 2009 had a unique passion they should pursue.

"Do what you love - travel the world, stand up for something you believe in," she said, offering career advice. "Don't ever get stuck in something you can't stand."

She said that every moment in their lives, shaped personalities, values and aspirations.

"Don't forget where you came from," she said. "Don't forget the people you saw in the hallways, the friends you made and the teachers you looked up to, because it made who you are."

Kandora said that the future was scary not because of what it holds in store, but because of others' potential actions based on gloomy forecasts.

He said that despite such forecasts, life has a "universal balance" that compensates, and people should persist in following their goals.

"Everybody here holds their future in their own hands," he said.

Senior Honor student Ashley McGinnis announced that the Class of 2009 would be making the annual graduation donation to Parry-Romberg Syndrome Resource, in memory of the late Katie Goodspeed - mother of Senior Logan Place - who suffered from the rare syndrome.

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