Lake George grads' past experiences have prepared them for future challenges

LAKE GEORGE - Graduating Lake George High School students heard a brew of advice and anecdotes Saturday from eight of their top classmates Friday, as the Class of 2009 honor students examined the past, present and future in their commencement addresses.

Stephanie Hayes, Andrea Sause and Cameron Jones focused on the past.

Hayes recalled how 13 years ago, she and her classmates had been anxious, curious and excited when beginning their educational and social journey at Lake George Central School.

"Elementary School wasn't just a place for learning, but it was where we became familiar with the fundamental values which made us who we are today." she said.

She said she and her classmates had learned to try their hardest, learn from their errors, and strive for the best.

"The future is up to us to create," Hayes advised the other Seniors. "I'm confident that all of you will make the best of what life throws at you."

Jones said that the tough times as well as the pleasurable experiences were valuable and character-building.

"The past can either hold you back or make you stronger," he said, recalling activities and achievements of his class. "I'm convinced that we are a class whose past only strengthens us for the future."

Sause recalled the elementary school teachers who had nurtured the members of the Class of 2009 and prepared them for the future with enduring values.

"Our friends have changed, our personalities have grown, but our hearts will always remain together," Sause said.

Honor students Katie Flatley and Peter Gaibrois spoke on the present.

Flatley talked about memorable experiences the class encountered through the years.

She talked about how a trip is more about the journey along the way rather than the destination - it is important to savor the present, she said.

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