Former school administrator arrested for forgery

Later, Polunci received by certified mail from Kelly a letter signed by former School Board President Mark Brown stating he was present during the executive session, and the board authorized the 100 percent health insurance coverage.

Court records include a statement from Roger McQuain that he had not initialed the contract amendment.

To complicate matters, Kelly had received payment in full, prior to his retirement, for his 400 sick days, according to a statement submitted to police by the school.

Contacted Thursday night, Kelly reiterated that before he retired, he had negotiated for the school district in executive to pay his entire health care premiums, and the school board approved the action.

A statement police say was signed by Kelly and submitted to them indicates Kelly admitted changing the contract to reflect the amendment and signing McQuain's initials. "I only wanted what the teachers and other administrators got for health insurance coverage upon retirement," the statement reads.

"Roger never gave me permission to sign his initials, but I assumed that Roger would be absolutely fine with it - Roger knew I should have gotten 100 percent," the statement continues. "I apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding."

Kelly was employed as the business manager at the school district for 32 years, and had a record of maximizing state aid, recruiting lower-income residents sign up for school lunch assistance programs in order to lower the local tax burden, and pursuing educational and facility grants.

He retired in 2006.

But some of his actions at Warrensburg Central raised questions with state officials. A state Comptroller's 2007 audit of the school district criticized some financial practices under kelly's authority.

The audit questioned some alleged unauthorized expenditures, improper payments to administrative personnel, and lack of oversight of cash handling and record-keeping practices - all allegedly occurring during the latter years of Kelly's tenure.

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