Chazy graduates ready to experience the world

CHAZY - Though one of the smallest schools in the region with only 38 graduating seniors, Chazy Central Rural School proved they can still be just as successful, receiving more nearly $448,000 in scholarships.

CCRS's class of 2009 held their commencement ceremonies June 26 where students took their final walk through the school's auditorium.

"I can physically feel the tension here tonight - an internal struggle within us all," said senior address speaker Christopher Brewster, "a desire to spring through that door into the wide open and waiting world pitted against a want to stay here in the safety and comfort of our closest friends. "It's as if we all know there lies a city of gold beyond the next rise, waiting for us, and yet we are afraid to leave the safety of our village of clay."

Brewster related after growing up together, "it will be hard to leave these connections, but we have to picture in our mind that city of gold lying over the next rise in the land."

"How much identity is there before seconds lend themselves to minutes to hours to days to weeks, to fortnights to months to years to decades to centuries? How is it unique persons emerge from the masses - the seas of humanity," asked Brewster.

He also emphasized they must all learn to become individuals while staying a whole.

"We have to capture in our hearts what we are feeling right now, at this instant. We have to maintain an ethos of hope and youth," said Brewster. "We are rising up from one stage and passing instantly into another. Ten happy miles down in life and 10,000 glorious miles left to go."

The ceremony ended with the presentation of their diplomas by Kevin Mulligan, principal of Chazy, the singing of the "Alma Mater" and "The Gold and White," the class song.

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