•100 Years Ago - July, 1909•

Weather, crops and local endeavors

The thermometer registered 92 degrees in the shade June 25, 1909 in Warrensburgh. It was 98 degrees at Hill View (Diamond Point). The first of the huckleberries have arrived. Field strawberries are getting ripe, but they are not very plentiful. Crops are generally looking well. The new law says that if you shoot a robin pilfering your cherry tree, you will be fined $60. Summer boarders are starting to arrive at The Glen. The annual Lewisville (River St., Warrensburgh) neighborhood picnic was held July 1, 1909 at McGann's Point, up the river.

Jury mulls decision on tavern shooting spree

The second trial of Beecher Faber, the alleged murderer of Maude Ryan, was set to begin July 6, 1909 at the Lake George Court House. The first trial, on May 17, 1909, resulted in a disagreement of the jury. Counsel will base Faber's new defense upon insanity. It is believed that Edna Faber, the child wife of Faber, will take the stand in his defense.

The crime was committed Jan. 23, 1909 in the Fourth Ward Caf , a dive conducted by Jack Ryan on West St., Glens Falls. Maude Ryan, otherwise known as Maude Richardson Bump, the alleged wife of Jack Ryan, received bullet wounds which resulted in her death, while "Kip" Kelleher, who was in the saloon at the time, was shot in the back. He recovered from his injury. Five revolver shots were fired, two hit the Ryan woman, a third shot hit Kelleher and a fourth bounced off the metal tray that Ryan was carrying. It is believed that legal problems sparked the feud between Faber and Ryan.

For several weeks, Faber has been kept at the Lake George Jail in solitude which has had a bad effect upon him. Since the commitment of Tracy Pray, the boy burglar, Faber's melancholy moods have vanished. The two have become great chums and their time is spent either in rendering all the popular airs (songs) of the day or in playing with a sock which has been made into a ball.

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