Students giving back to the community

"When kids come to the facility, it just lights up the faces of the seniors," she said. "The kids have an impact on the seniors and the seniors typically have an impact on the kids. It's phenomenal."

Alyssa Rock, a fourth grade student in Keith Parrotte's class, was one of the children interested in spending time with seniors. She and her mother, Lisa Rock of Morrisonville, spoke with McLaughlin and Pine Harbour activities director June Saunders, finding what activity in which Alyssa would be most interested.

"I want to do bingo with them," said Alyssa.

"I knew she'd like something like that because she likes to play games with her grandparents," said Lisa Rock. "I think this is great for her. It gives her responsibility and I think it'll be fun."

Cathy Morin of Cadyville was another mother in attendance with her child, Renee, who is enrolled in kindergarten at the school. While her daughter is only 5 years old, Morin said she feels her own volunteering will serve as a model for her daughter.

"It's important to get them involved early," said Morin, who was standing in line at the Adirondack Human Society booth. "It makes them a better person through all their ages and stages growing up. It's a fantastic thing the school is doing this for the community."

Though Ott said every bit counts, the overall pledge goal he wants to achieve is 1,000 hours. Pledges are still coming in, and Ott said he's optimistic that goal will be reached.

"If any one of us was to try to do this by ourself, we would be marginally successful. But, when you bring people together and the power of children, you can do so much more," said Ott. "Together, we can do it."

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