Winter's trials and tribulations

I'm told the news must be written before tonight; Monday. People must tell me what's going on as I have been nowhere in over a year, so I'm told.

It is snowing in Brookfield today and we do have a cover of snow already on the ground which makes the world much prettier.

Marion Clark has provided me with delicious cookies again. I'm still waiting for her plain ginger cookies though - with no frosting.

Had a frozen water pipe in my kitchen and was so proud that I thawed it out with an electric heater.

Roby Scott, lay leader from the Keeseville UMC, was kind enough to come and share her message with the Reber Church last Sunday. Thanks so much to her. I did hear that Andrea Robare (our wonderful organist) is going to be enjoying skiing with her kids at Whiteface the next couple of Sundays. She will be missed but hope she has a great time.

Marion Clark's hot water tank gave up so she needed to buy a new one. Always something, isn't it?

When is Madeline Blanchard going to put some Reber News in the paper?

Niece Janice brought me some delicious stew one day. It pays to act helpless!

We shouldn't tighten our houses too much. I remember Elda Daby telling of waking up one morning with snow on her bed. All the little buggies that make you sick happily breed in a nice warm house!

Enough nonsense for this week. Do take care of yourselves and be happy! And for goodness sake, drive carefully!

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