Stevens responds to Highway ethics

"I believe that this question could just as well asked as: 'How much faith do I put in the judgment of our highway superintendent as to his selection of individuals that will be his employees?'

"At the town board level, my job is to consider the individuals name that the Highway Superintendent presents to the board.

"The Highway Superintendent selects an individual for a position. If this individual happens to be a close family relative, this triggers our town's ethics policy. This means that the Town Board must vote on the Highway Superintendent's recommendation.

"This vote does not ask us to take into account how the individual was selected by the Highway Superintendent. The question to the board is simply this 'Can this selected individual adequately perform the function of this position?' Yes or No.

"I recognize that in the realm of public service, it is impossible to please all people. Accepting that some things are impossible, it is good to know that some things are possible. One of the things that is possible is that careful consideration can (and should) be given to every vote that I (as a Town Councilman) cast; especially when that vote will have a significant impact on many different individuals lives.

"It is my hope that the best interests of our town's residents will be served by every vote and decision that I am called on to make."

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