Gillibrand selected to fill vacant U.S. Senate seat

"I will look for ways to find common ground between upstate and downstate," Gillibrand said. "We must reduce gun violence while maintaining hunter's rights."

In her acceptance speech, Gillibrand also focused on middle class tax relief, early childhood education funding and of course her hallmark atypical definition of infrastructure.

"I came to define infrastructure in such a way to include broadband access and information technology in rural areas after consulting with numerous local officials," Gillibrand said recently.

Gillibrand said that along with the Obama Administration, she will work to pass a broad economic stimulus package. Further, she said she will continue to pursue her trademark social justice campaigns which include marriage equality for homosexuals and women's rights.

Gillibrand has requested to be appointed to the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee, she said. As a member of congress, she served on these committees in the lower house.

The appointment follows Caroline Kennedy's withdrawal from consideration this past Wednesday.

Gillibrand is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition and generally labeled as a centrist Democrat who has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

This fact has apparently caused intra-party controversy with some Downstate New York Democratic Representatives boycotting the ceremony according to AP reports.

"I believe I have found the best person to fill this seat for all New Yorker's," Paterson said.

Not surprisingly her staff agrees with the Governor's assessment.

"She is such an amazing woman," said Gillibrand's Communications Director Rachel McEneny. "She is able to maintain her vigorous work schedule while taking time to be an amazing mom too."

Gillibrand has two young children, one of whom was born while she was in office.

For her part, Gillibrand remains focused.

"I realize this is the first time many of you have heard my name-you will get to know me and I you over the next two years," she said in her acceptance address. "This is the fulfillment of not only my dream, but of those who have came before me."

Gillibrand will officially take office on Tuesday and will hold the seat until a special election is held in November of 2010. An election to fill the now vacant 20th Congressional seat will be held at the governor's discretion.

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