Snow Daze brings children in from the cold

CHAZY - A record number of children squeezed into the children's room at the Chazy Public Library Jan. 17 to participate in a special storytime known as "Snow Daze."

With 17 kids in attendance, library director Frances Fairchild said the turnout "was wonderful," but was relieved more didn't show up as they wouldn't have been able to fit in the room.

The storyteller for the event was Diane Sabourin, a retired teacher of 30 years, who was also "amazed" by the number of children who turned out for the event.

"She's marvelous," Fairchild said of Sabourin. "She has such good ideas. And they're all good."

"She's done [storytime] before," Fairchild added. "And one time we didn't have anybody come. And one child wandered in, and she did it for that child."

"You never know how many are going to show up," said Sabourin.

But, those who did had a real treat. From making "showmen shakers" with Easter eggs filled with rice at the bottom of a sock, to audience participation in sing-a-longs, and wintertime stories, the children had much to do during the hour-long program.

"I tried to pick things that they would be actively involved in," explained Sabourin. "To keep them focused and to keep them a part of it."

With children ranging in ages from two to seven years old, Sabourin had to find activities that all could enjoy.

"Trying to find things that 7-year-olds would be willing to do and the 2-year-olds, even if they can't do everything, they're pretty good with just mimicking and joining in," she said.

"It always amazes me how quickly they join in," Sabourin added. "The idea is to pick something with repetition, so that they pick it up quickly. Something that's short and even if they can't get the words, maybe they'll get the motions, if you add motions to it."

Chazy Public Library holds storytime with an activity once a month. Dates vary, but for more information contact Fairchild at 846-7676.

"[Storytime] is a really nice service for the community," said Fairchild.

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