Recently when folks asked me if I was making a resolution for the new year, I told them I hadn't ever even thought about resolving anything because I don't drink at all, I don't smoke, I exercise everyday, I'm nice, I volunteer, I save money, I don't over water my plants, I open doors for people, I pet my cat the direction her fur lies, I have a diverse group of friends, I scoop the litter box daily, I like my job, I get along with my mother and sister, instead of spitting out my chewed toenails I shove them deep within the couch cushions, and I eat healthy.

(I think my accountant cheats on my taxes a little but come on, these days, is anybody out there really in the position to throw a stone on that one?) Boring, yes, but, I'm happy and content, two things that when coupled totally eliminate the need to check the box marked "stress" when taking a physical, which, in and of itself might be something one would resolve aspiring.

All that apparent goodness does not mask the fact that I could benefit a great deal from a daily heaping load of psychotherapy. I'm further from perfect than the guy who'd hire Bernie Madoff to ring the bell at the Holiday Salvation Army stand. Problem is, I've never known where to start to delve into the deepness of what I need to resolve, so I've always just gone on, year-to-year, living as well as I've been able to judge well to be; not ever making New Years resolutions.

Until now.

I resolve to make the world a better place by lifting the human experience beyond what any spirit, God, angel, scholar, or philosopher could dream of doing. How do I intend to do that? By regularly using the word razzamatazz.

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