Long-time resident at the shelter

Every so often, we at the NCSPCA like to devote a column to reminding our readers about some of the longtime shelter residents who are hoping to find permanent homes. Many of these dogs and cats have special needs or circumstances, and are often passed over without serious consideration of what wonderful family members they could become. They may have come from a situation involving abuse or neglect, be very old, or need some TLC to address a health care concern. The staff at the NCSPCA would like you to take the time to meet some of these dogs and cats and get to know them better. You may find that one of them is the perfect match for your home!

Angellica is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat who has become a fixture at the shelter, and has come to be known as the "office cat." She was initially very shy and uncertain around strangers, but she has become used to the noisy, active environment of the shelter and is much more outgoing than she was in the past. She appreciates lots of attention and likes children as well as adults.

Indigo is a sweet, older hound-mix dog who arrived at the shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. She has a sweet temperament but has been overlooked for adoption most likely because of her age. She would love the opportunity to show you that an older dog can be a wonderful companion, especially if you enjoy leisurely walks and playtime with toys.

Lady is a slender, black Lab-mix who is one of the longest residing pets at the NCSPCA. Like Indigo, she is an older dog. She was adopted at one time but was returned to the shelter due to her dislike of cats. Lady thinks of cats as being fancy toys that are just perfect for chasing! In fact, she loves toys in general, and a new toy is definitely a way to her heart. She will even carry a toy in her mouth when she goes for a walk, and definitely has her "favorites." Lady's personality quirks, as well as her age, have made it difficult for her to find the right home, but if you do not have cats, she may be the dog who will make your family complete. Despite her grey hairs, she has a lot of energy and love to give.

The next time you visit the NCSPCA, please be sure to ask about Angellica, Indigo, and Lady, as well as some of our other pets who have been residing at the shelter for a long time. That lonely-eyed furry face may belong to your new best friend that you just haven't met yet! You can visit us at 23 Lakeshore Road in Westport, or on the Internet atwww.ncspca.org.

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