Depression: Diagnosis, treatment and beyond

Many physicians don't spend enough time digging deeper when patients present with unusual or confusing complaints to discover the real cause, which can sometimes be depression. The doctor who is in a hurry to see the next patient cannot genuinely determine a patient's emotional state particularly when they might come in with vague complaints and are unable or unwilling to talk about feelings.

Making the diagnosis can really be very simple if we ask the patient "over the last 2 weeks have you been bothered by either less interest in pleasure or doing things or feeling down, depressed or hopeless?" An answer of "yes" has a high likelihood of leading to a diagnosis of clinical depression.

The combination of counseling and medication will easily benefit two out of every three depressed patients. An experienced primary care physician can come to the rescue. Happy trails to you.

Dr. Josh Schwartzberg has practices in Willsboro and Lake Placid. He can be contacted at 877-DOC-JOSH.

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