Reviewing some community projects

You were probably hoping for champagne, but I thought I'd begin the New Year by reviewing the community projects that came out of the town meeting last month. You can find the list at the Future For Westport website at www.westportnylibrary.org/futureforwestport, where you can also sign up for any of them that you're interested in (and see who else has signed up, which is kind of fun).

Ten people signed up for the Arts committee, whose goal is to promote cultural and artistic activity in Westport. Fifteen people signed up for Agriculture (they held their first meeting at Cornell Cooperative Extension on January 6). There are a couple of new members on the Communications committee, which works to spread the good word (I'm on that one, which is why you're reading this). I'm also on Emergency Services, which only has three others, so that would be a good one to sign up for.

Ten have signed up for the Energy Committee, which will focus on ways to improve energy efficiency, affordability, and self-sufficiency in town. Nine members will be working on the Heritage House committee. Nine people have signed up for the Housing committee, which will work for affordable housing for all residents in town.

Eight people signed up for the Marketing committee, which will work with the existing marketing committee on the Chamber. Five signed up to help with planning our participation in this year's Quadricentennial celebrations, by coordinating with the other celebrations up and down the lake.

Nine people signed up for the Quality of Life committee. Six people signed up for the School committee, to keep channels of communication open between school and community. Thirteen people signed up for the Small Business committee, which will focus on ways to promote and strengthen our local businesses, and encourage new ones to open.

Five people joined the Tax committee, whose goal is to improve our understanding of local taxation and find ways to manage it. Five people will be working on a Vision Document for the community as a whole. Seventeen people signed up for the Waterfront Revitalization committee, and five for the Website committee, which will work with the existing committee on the Chamber.

In addition to the Future For Westport website, information packets on the projects are available at the Westport Library and the Wadhams Free Library. Meetings are starting. Get involved! Chances are your neighbors already have.

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