Highway posters cause local stir

"I asked to bring Billy [Mosher] back because he has experience driving," Hitchcock said. "When they [the Board] fired him they never gave a reason why they fired him. I heard reasons later on that it was because he tipped a truck over. Well I don't think there's a driver over there that hasn't tipped a truck over at some point. Besides - it didn't even really tip over.

"I don't take the signs personally because I know where they are coming from," Hitchcock added. "They've done it with everybody that has ever been Superintendent. They run them all down. They're just trouble-makers - that's all it is."

Hitchcock said that he has confronted the individuals he believes are responsible but says they will most likely continue.

Referring to his belief that false charges of misconduct have been brought against several Highway Department employees over the years, Hitchcock remains frustrated over what he feels are inconsistent discipline practices in the Town.

"When I asked the Town Board about hiring Billy back, nobody has told me that they have seen Billy hit anybody," Hitchcock said. "I've known him my whole life and I've never known him to have a problem with anybody."

Hitchcock would prefer a "second chance" policy similar to what was used with a Town Parks Department employee late last year following his verbal outburst during a Town Board meeting.

"He deserves a second chance - that's all I'm saying," Hitchcock noted. "I'm still going to ask the Town Board to hire him [Mosher]. If they don't then that's fine but he deserves at least that."

Town of Johnsburg Supervisor, Sterling Goodspeed, declined to comment on the posters but did confirm that the issue would be on the Jan. 6 Town Board meeting agenda.

Positions in the Town Highway Department have been advertised over the last two weeks and Hitchcock acknowledges receiving several applications in addition to Mosher's.

In the event that Hitchcock chooses to appoint Mosher to fill a vacant position in the Highway Department, it would trigger an ethics review by the Town Board due to Mosher's relation by marriage to Hitchcock. The Town Board would in turn be forced to vote to approve or deny the appointment request.

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