Highway posters cause local stir

NORTH CREEK - One local resident described them as a courageous example of American free speech.

"I think it's wonderful," she observed. "Our country was founded on political acts just like this."

Other's are not as accepting of the recent rash of postings around the community and consider them to be an unwarranted embarrassment to the Town.

Either way, a wave of anonymous posters critical of the Town of Johnsburg Highway Superintendent and members of the Town Board has created considerable local debate.

The signs started appearing in North Creek approximately two weeks ago and have since been spotted on Town buildings, in local businesses, and area telephone poles with increasing frequency.

Set against a background of a boxer squaring-off against an unseen opponent, the signs are an obvious jab intended for Highway Superintendent Daniel Hitchcock and two members of the Town Board.

The targets of the poster have drawn attention for their support for the hiring of William Mosher to fill a vacant position in the Town Highway Department.

Mosher's employment with the Johnsburg Highway Department was terminated late last year following an investigation into allegations of misconduct.

Rumors have since circulated that Mosher's termination was related to an act of physical violence against another Highway Department employee but evidence in support of this has not been made public.

Referring to a December Town Board meeting where Hitchcock formally requested the board to reinstate Mosher, the Board returned a split decision to place him on a list of "call in" drivers.

Councilman Stevens made a motion to place Mosher on the list with a second by Councilman Arsenault. The resolution was voted against by Councilman Vanselow and Supervisor Goodspeed. The fifth member of the Board, Mr. Frank Morehouse, was not in attendance and the resolution failed to pass due to the split vote.

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