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The recent lack of objectivity that has begun to suffocate the validity of information being supplied by the mainstream media is troublesome. Example: during the just-past holiday season, I was watching the morning news when a segment appeared that chronicled the posting of invites to take part in any number of differing celebrations in a city square.

When a handful of individuals advertised the mock-holiday "Festivus" that originated from a "Seinfeld" episode in the 90's, one abhorred anchor labeled this as an "abomination of Christ" and chastised the other two anchors for their lack of voracity in disagreement of the publicity.

To recycle the term in as neutral a tone as possible, I find it troubling that so many millions of Americans garner their news through outlets such as Nancy Grace, Steven Colbert, and Jon Stewart - to name a few. To add to my dismay, it is commonplace to be inundated with opinionated stabs between networks with accusations of being too liberal, too conservative, left-wing, right-wing.

To me, somewhere amidst the bantering, the facts have become invalidated.

Not to say there is only danger in opinions. The worry of mine for the future is that all objectivity will lose its validity and we will become a nation, culture, world split in non-communicative differences. To be spoon-fed your beliefs by someone on the radio or television screen becomes hazardous when it is guised as fact and recycled into everyday lives as such.

For a country to make such great strides in rights movements for almost every living being, it seems a step backward.

I did, however, find some comfort in an interview with Rick Warren during his Christmas celebration. He was asked his thoughts on those that take issue with his objection to gay marriage. Warren expressed he is upset with how it is the norm today to feel that if you disagree with someone, you either hate or fear them.

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