100 Years Ago - Jan. 1909

The rain which began the night of Jan. 4, 1909 and continued for nearly 24 hours, was the first fall we have had in several months to amount to anything and the good it has done to our drought-plagued area can hardly be estimated. The Schroon River has raised considerably and the Warrensburgh manufacturing industries along its banks are thereby greatly benefited. In the northern part of the country more water fell than here and at Bakers Mills the creek rose to high water mark and the bulkhead of Charley Baker's dam was carried away.

Trees stolen, Pasco sued

George T. Lockwood of Warrensburgh sued Alvin "Sam" Pasco, of Thurman for larceny of standing timber. Seven or eight markets are involved. The suit will be tried before Justice Hodgson. Pasco claims that Lockwood sold him the logs and this is the question to be decided by the jury. (Note... Sam Pasco was the bad-boy hero of the north country with a lot of charisma. He didn't, however, get away with murder. In Thurman, in April of 1918, after he shot and killed his cousin's husband Orley Eldridge, Sam was shot in the back and killed by a member of the posse that tracked him down.)

Murderous mob in the hen house

There are in Warrensburgh several hundred dogs, probably as many as 59 brands of assorted sizes, both sexes, and as of as many hues as the combinations of the several primary colors will permit.

A couple of curs held a field day upstreet on Jan. 6, 1909 and invaded several hen roasts. The net result of their maliciousness was that J.A. Young lost ten hens from his flock, Will Hall fifteen and Dennis Logans, three. They killed the fowls just for the fun of the thing and the owners of the canines will be called upon to settle.

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