Snow today, lawn tomorrow

Nature gives and nature takes it away, a week ago we had a nice new blanket of new white snow, two days of rain this week has taken much of the snow away. Hard to believe that it is time to ring in a new year, and the struggle to make that date changes as we need to start a new date this week. Hope everyone has a great New Year. There is report of many around town that are experiencing a two or three stomach bug, seems to go right through households, not sure if the change in the weather plays a part or not.

Glad to report that members of the Girl Scout Troop 4102 and the Junior National Honor Society members spent a day wrapping hundreds of gifts for the residents of Horace Nye Home. This has been a holiday tradition for the Girl Scouts for many years. Staff members appreciate the help and look forward to and count on them during the busy Holiday season, girls involved included Deanna Mero, Olivia Kelly, Brigette Moran, Adam Robare, Renee Provost, Tara Robare, Emily Mero, Jerilyn Jaquish, and Alyson Arnold.

The Willsboro Methodist Church enjoyed Lee Ackley's message this past Sunday. The same congregation was happy to welcome into baptism, Logan Kyle Young the son of Kyle & Tammy Young. Seven of the New Beginnings group had a wonderful meal at the Turtle Island Restaurant this past weekend

Christmas family traditions are precious, I had the pleasure of witnessing such an occasion at the home of Margaret & Tom McCaw this past week. Several years ago while I was at the Library, Margaret shared with me a custom her family enjoyed, a "Grandma Day" at Christmas time they would make ornaments and gingerbread houses and just enjoy a great day together. Margaret shared some of her great gingerbread houses to have on display at the library. Children do grow up and start a life of their own and scatter all around the globe, which hers has done, but even as adults they requested to come back and have a grandma day. I was so delighted to see all of their gingerbread house creations, each adult designed and made their own version. There was about a dozen really neat houses and they had a wonderful time together, thanks for letting me drop in, hope you keep up this great tradition.

Sympathy is extend to the family of Marge Hamms who passed away this past week.

Birthday Greetings to Vivian Ball 1/3, Cole Pierce 1/3, Chase Pierce 1/3, Lisa Boardman 1/7, Lacy Ahrent 1/9.

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