Open Mic nights at Bluseed Studios

Sometimes getting oneself out the door on a cold "school night" is a challenge. However, recently, I had the privilege of hosting the Bluseed open mic along with my Dust Bunnies bandmates and a fiddling friend. It was so worth it!

Once you get upstairs into the warm, dimly lit room with art-filled walls, you are glad you came. After paying a small fee you can get yourself a warm beverage and cookie before sitting back to enjoy the array of entertainment. This is what expressing oneself in a safe environment is all about. I've been to many different open mics over the years - this one is diverse and friendly.

All told the night included six musicians, three poets and the hosts. The audience listened to and encouraged participants that ranged from a high school poet to a singing blacksmith. One funny songwriter travelled all the way from Long Lake. Two Saranac Lake ladies with gorgeous but vastly different voices broke hearts with great covers and beautiful originals. Another gentleman's cover song inspired some of us to join in. It is fun to grin at each other with music-induced nostalgia.

This brings up one of the reasons I truly love this particular open mic. I've been to some where you were actually frowned upon if you didn't perform originals. What a crock. Bob Dylan started off singing Woody Guthrie songs for goodness sake. Covering others is how you learn and find your own style. Many fantastic songwriters have recorded covers. Great songs are great songs - they live forever and bear repeating!

Speaking of repeating, would it not be wonderful if regular participants had more material? No one is alone in this problem. I wish I had a new song for every time I stand in front of a mic but alas it is rarely so.

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