Knowing when to set my coffee down

Over the last few weeks I have thought a lot about what I would write for my first editorial of 2009. It's not like I suffered from a lack of ideas - quite the opposite really.

The problem lied somewhere between knowing where to begin and where to end. I had the middle part nailed down pretty tight - or so I thought anyway.

When I started typing this column over the holiday weekend, for some reason it started out as a "year in review" type of story. A lot has happened in 2008 - in the world, around our communities, and in my own life.

In looking back I don't see it as a year that fits neatly into a "good or bad" category - to me, it was a year defined by extremes.

It was about a year ago this week that I drove to Elizabethtown to interview for the position of editor for the News Enterprise. As luck would have it, Mother Nature decided to make my evening trek up there a little more interesting with a last-minute snow storm.

As our intrepid John Gereau met me in the Denton lobby he asked how the roads were. For lack of a better response and not wanting to say what was really on my mind, I simply replied, "Well, I only had to set my coffee down twice so they can't be that bad."

In retrospect, it was a fitting introduction to the last year of my life.

A reader stopped me at Tannery Pond this weekend and said, "You know, I love reading your editorials but just when I think you're really going to take the gloves off and blast somebody, you stop short. It's funny - for some reason I really enjoy it."

So why is that?

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