Incentive programs provide students with educational tools, educators say

"All we have to do is complete a form and explain what we did to better our students or community," said Trombley, citing examples such as food drives and reading challenges. "Last year, we earned all 2,000 points. At the end of the school year, we have the choice to either spend the points on items in the catalogue or carry them over for the next school year."

The school has also become involved with Green School Project, which accepts inkjet and toner cartridges from printers to be recycled. The benefits are two-fold, said Trombley, as the school receives reimbursement for the cartridges while the students are also helping environment.

"It usually doesn't amount to a lot of money, but every little bit adds up and we're keeping the ink cartridges out of the landfills," Trombley said.

The school's principal, Sandra Gardner, said taking advantage of the incentive programs available to them adds to the "learning environment" as well.

"All the incentive programs help us purchase things we likely wouldn't be able to purchase otherwise - substantial equipment like a CD or DVD player. They are all things that are a real benefit to the school and the students," said Gardner.

Through some organizations and corporations such as Target, which makes contributions to the school on occasion, Gardner said the school has also been able to purchase basic necessities some parents might otherwise not be able to afford. Target actually provides the school with a check to be used for anything the administration sees fit, which has allowed them to purchase things such as socks and underwear for children who may need a change of clothes during the course of the school day.

"A student might come to school with their feet wet and need a pair of dry socks," explained Gardner. "And, typically, I've just gone back to Target and bought those bare necessities because they helped us to be able to purchase them."

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