Willsboro column 2/28/09

Congratulations to our Willsboro Central School's Girls Basketball team for winning the Mountain Valley Athletic Conference championship for the season. The girls had a great season and their championship is a great victory for the school and our community. Another winner for me this past week was to notice the cute snowman outside of the Turtle Island Restaurant. One of our last snowstorms produced the perfect kind of snow to make snowballs and snowmen, so the Martin family made good use of the snow in their front yard.

I learned of a great disappointment this past week, our first big vandalism showed up at the Visitors Center. Upon entering the entry way area early one morning this past week, it was evident that someone had urinated all over that entry area. We feel this was done under darkness, and now this useless senseless act could lead to our having to lock this area up each evening. The public bathrooms have been available around the clock for the public use, and it has been used well until now. Hope the person or persons that did this can be found and made to do some community service.

Hope all the T.V. watchers in the area moved smoothly into the new digital format of presenting us with our programs. Most of us probably did not really notice much difference, as Herb Longware told me they had been partly converted for some time prior to the big switch. Thanks Herb for keeping us up with the current technology. Hard to believe that we are now heading into Lent and that means signs of Spring should be showing up in the near future.

A reminder that the North Wind Tours is conducting an upcoming Washington, D.C. trip in July, the 17 to 20th. Frank Walls always has great tours and treats us well that go on the trips. He still has room for more to sign up, so call 963-8220 for more information, the sooner the better in order to get a space.

Birthday Greetings to: Cathy Alden 3/1, Margie Jaquish 3/3, Jade Sayward 3/3, Paul Mero 3/3, Mildred Mason 3/ 5, Cheryle Blanchard 3/5, Michelle Barber 3/6, Tina Hotaling 3/7, Harold MacDougal 3/7.

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