Skating, snowshoe race winners announced

SARANAC LAKE - The Winter Carnival is announcing the winners of the Children's Ice Skating Races, which were held on Friday, Feb. 8 at the Saranac Lake Civic Center. The results are as follows:

Girls, Kindergarten: 1st-Anna Sabourne, 2nd-Emma Sabourne, 3rd-Chloe Reardon

Boys, Kindergarten: 1st-Kaylen Reiley, 2nd-Rhett Darrah, 3rd-Joey Welsh

Girls, Pre-First/First: 1st-Meagan O'Brien, 2nd-Katelyn Gay, 3rd-Madelyn Gay, 4th-Rosemary Crowley

Boys, Pre-First/First: 1st-Benjamin Munn, 2nd-Camden Reiley, 3rd-Patrick Wamsganz

Girls, Second Grade: 1st-Julia Chapin, 2nd-Madiosn Reardon, 3rd-Kelsey McCarthy, 4th-Mistre Newton

Boys, Second Grade: 1st-Zach Ellsworth, 2nd-Davin Allen, 3rd-Quinn Peer, 4th-Heaton McCormick

Girls, Third Grade: 1st-Madison Brown, 2nd-Kailee McCormick, 3rd-Madison Carimone, 4th-Maggie Peer, 5th-Hannah Brogan

Boys, Third Grade: 1st-Connor O'Brien, 2nd-Abraham Newton, 3rd-Ward Walton, 4th-Matt Kratts

Girls, Fourth Grade: 1st-Cameron Snyder, 2nd-Brittany Shumway, 3rd-Jackie Garso, 4th-Elizabeth Burke, 5th-Morgan Farmer, 6th-Kendra Martin, 7th-Lindsey Reeve, 8th-Taylor Hesseltine

Boys, Fourth Grade: 1st-Jay Chapin, 2nd-Ian Urquhart, 3rd-Kyler Darrah

Girls, Fifth Grade: 1st-Danielle Patraw, 2nd-Chloe Peer, 3rd-Lauren Reeve, 4th-Bridgit Sullivan, 5th-Maeve Peer

Boys, Fifth Grade: 1st-Justin Farmer, 2nd-Dondi Duffy

Winners of the snowshoe races are as follows:

Girls, 4 to 6: 1st-Madison Clark, 2nd-Alison Hewett

Boys, 4 to 6: 1st-Rhett Darrah

Girls, 7 to 9: 1st-Kylee Clark

Boys, 7 to 9: 1st-Donny Nadan, 2nd-Quinlan Peer, 3rd-Marshall Moore

Girls, 10 to 12: 1st-Katelyn Hewitt, 2nd-Alexa Clark, 3rd-Justina Hewitt

Boys, 10 to 12: 1st-Avery Clark, 2nd-Jason Stack

Girls, 13 to 18: 1st-Maria Clak, 2nd-Becky Baker

Boys, 13 to 18: 1st-Mike Fahey

Women, 19-35: 1st-Tiffany Drake

Men, 19 - 35: 1st-Aaron Sirotoli

Men, 36 to 49: 1st-Greg Moore, 2nd-David Staszak, 3rd-John Stack, 4th-Rose Bessey, 5th-Larry Taliento, 6th-Muriel George

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