Winter academic honors awarded at Warrensburg High

Tenth grade Honor students are: Matthew Arehart, Ryan Belden, Jennifer Ehle, Charmaine Foss, Alysia Griswold, Katelyn Kuklinski, Kelsey McGlinch, Nicholas Monroe, Candace Riddle, Kelsey Schumacher, Zachary Schuster, Aerealia Simpers, Bobbilee Webster, and Molly-Kate Webster.

In the 9th grade, achieving honors are: Maigan Baer, Matthew Bonk, Joshua Briggs, Sara Burch, Karyn Cassidy, Kimberly Chapman, Katelyn Henderson, Gabriel MicGlire, Jaclan O'Brien, Angela Perrone, Rebecca Persons, Matthew Seaman, and Isabella Szabo.

Representing the 8th grade on the Honor Roll are: Brian Britton, Robert Contompasis, Meredith Davey, Sierrah Rafferty, Chiara Russo, Montgomery Sheridan, Braydin Smith, Justin Smith, Michael Springer, and Jacob Thomas.; and from the 7th grade: Kimberly Albright, Julia Allen, Trevor Baker, Michael Baker, II, Daniel Bonura, Joshua Clute, Stefani Cunningham, Colton Fitzgerald, Nazareth Goucher, Mika Morehouse, Nicholas Perrone, Ashley Schloss, Stephanie Sherman, Forrest Smith, Amanda Springer, Josana Stone, Mark Tummons, and Glenn Warner.

Named to the Vo-Tech Honor Roll are Warrensburg High School students Mackenzie Baker, Casey Combs, Kendall Converse, Sabrina Fish, Kacey Gifford, Jessica Martino, Carol Millington, Tiffany Mulcahy Ross, Rebecca Parker, Robert Rounds, Eric Smith, and Alex Szabo.

Named to the Effort Roll at WCS are 12th graders: Brian Cleavland, Marc Caputo, Carol Millington, Florence Millington, Emily Pearsall, Amanda Putney, Gabrielle Schuster, Heather Watkins, Jordan Webster, Jaymes Winslow, and Stephanie Winter; 11th graders Kirsten Bentham, Allyssa Ferraro, Hayley Correia, Kristy Doner, Jessica Martino, Heidi Monroe, Matthew Monroe, Robin Parker, Michael Perrone, Carrie Schenk, Tyler Springer, and Cole Tennant; Sophomores Anthony Alger, Chanel Barboza, Caitlyn Lovin, Cassandra Mott, Ethan Schmidt, David Simmes, and Emily Winslow; Freshmen Bethany Bailey, Serena Burch, Chris Cupp, Talyn Duggan, Garrett Ferraro, Kyle Gregson, Nathan Groff, Dillon Keast, Emily Morehouse, Brad Richardson, Jesse Schuettinger, Montana Sheridan, Rebecca Sleight, Hunter Werner, and Tyler Williams; eighth graders: Alexandria Cunningham, Katie Riddle, Brendon Rounds, Amy Toolan, and Sean Welch.; and 7th graders: Lance Bedell, Kylelee Combs, Brittany Decrescente, Nina Fish, Marshall Flint, Jacob Halsted, Brad Hill, Kayla Keith, Colt Ovitt, Richard Ovitt, Anisha Singh, Luke VanBrunt, Max Watkins, and Logan Webster.

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