Surrounding towns are all busy working on new comprehensive plans. One town, can't remember which, is especially pleased that they will not have a Wal-Mart opening in their town. That's a great bit of news. So, let's get together and ban Wal-Marts from coming to our towns. When completed, the reports will be filed away.

Mary Ann Walls has retired from chief planter at the Floral Gardens at the Adirondack Museum in E-Town after 11 years of digging, planting, weeding, and singing to her plants. Don't know if she can be easily replaced but I will voluntarily take her place if someone tells me what end of a plant goes into the ground. Anyways, best wishes to Mary Ann and thousands of thank yous to her.

See where our favorite resident, who is prone to nystagmus, is upset at not being loved after many years of not loving people in the North Country part of Nuyorica. Do you believe that someone has never learned that "what goes around comes around?" Someone tells me that he may have to go out of business. Ayah.

I am pleased to report that the Stimulus Bill includes item 4,567,883 calling for $3,673,009.23 to be sent to the DNC. Not only will these funds put many of our members to work at sitting more, but we will donate 50 percent of our fund to Mr. Ponzi Madoff Cheatoff so he can buy a present for his mother. I borrowed $21.52 from my grandmother's pocketbook to invest in his fund and was told that I would get $55,000 every three months for two years. Of course, the checks never arrived.

The Essex Women Book Club (includes Willsboro and Westport members) celebrated Lincoln's birthday at the Rockefeller's with a great meal, readings, recitation of Gettysburg Address, and a Lincoln look alike contest which no one won. Meanwhile, someone who I now love, left a bunch of cookies down at the DNC store, whilst someone I don't love left 2,316 National Geographics.

Well, (that's 3827), by the time you read this, the Essex Town Historian will have given another version of the "Settlers and Settlements" talk at the Wadhams Library on February 18th because there wasn't enough room in the Library for late comers. The second version was to be delivered with the speaker reclining on a desk with an Easter Lilly clinched in her teeth.

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