From Westport to the Canadian Wilderness

From Westport to the Canadian Wilderness

Since 2001, a select group of young men and women from the North Country have been traveling from the Adirondacks to the remote wilderness of Temagami, Ontario, Canada. This is the land of the Ojibway.

The experience will provide them with opportunities to develop the appropriate skill sets necessary for the journey into adulthood.

Arriving at a remote base camp via float plane, they set down on a lonely lake smack dab in the middle of nowhere. There are no phones, no cars, no computers. Nothing but character building experiences featuring nature in the raw.

Although the numerous interconnected lakes, rivers and surrounding forests of pine, spruce and hemlock may appear similar to the landscape near their homes in Keene, Westport, Elizabethtown or Lewis, the comparison ends there.

The adventure awaiting these teens goes beyond any of the challenges they are likely to have previously faced. In the age old tradition of "rites of passage," the teens participate in three and a half weeks of exploration. In the process, they will explore the land and find themselves.

They will confront hardships and learn self awareness, realize the importance of both cooperation and competition and in the end, they'll find untapped potential and unknown strength.

The journey of discovery begins as they leave the safe and familiar confines of home and travel too far north to back out. It continues as they develop paddling and outdoor skills while on extensive paddling excursions on two thousand miles of canoe routes through the 4.5 million acre Temagamie wilderness reserve.

On expeditions, they will join a diverse group of teens from all over the world, to experience the pleasures and rigors of down to earth living and wilderness travel. They will conquer fears, overcome apprehensions and gain immeasurable confidence. They will learn to trust and to be trusted and in the process, they will become leaders themselves.

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