Sticker Shock': no alcohol for minors

Rutland County has begun to use a new tool in the campaign to stop underage drinking - Sticker Shock. Sticker Shock is a program that is designed to dissuade adults from buying alcoholic beverages for minors. Sticker Shock also assists responsible sellers of beer and "alcopops", sugary malt beverages, as well as wine coolers.

Surveys of teens nationally show that the largest source of alcohol for those who do drink is from others, rather than stores directly. Males tend to get beer from their older friends or from people they meet near the store and ask to buy beer for them. Females tend to get alcohol from males that are older.

Sticker Shock places warning signs in the store, with the consent of the store, that advise people that providing alcohol to minors is a criminal offense which can carry a possible jail term of up to 5 years in jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000 ( in cases where death or serious bodily injury occurs). Additionally, stickers are put on larger packages of beer and wine coolers (18, 24, and 30 packs), to add additional warnings.

The Sticker Shock program in Rutland County is a joint effort between a variety of community organizations- two community anti-drug coalitions, the Black River Area Coalition and the Rutland Area Prevention Coalition, four SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Chapters in Fair Haven Union High School, Proctor High School, Stafford Technical Center, and Black River High School, the Rutland County Youth Council, and Rutland County START (Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team), a collaboration between community members and the Rutland County police agencies. Fair Haven's SADD started the program by doing some stores in their area, and recently, the Belmont Store in Mount Holly and the Mac's Convenience Store in East Wallingford became partners in Sticker Shock, and were stickered by the Black River Area Coalition's Brigid Sullivan and Paul Faenza, some Black River students, and Stafford Technical Center's SADD member Erika Stocker of Wallingford.

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