Well, what about wells?

There is a company that wants to charge a deal of money to find a well spot for the town to use. I will do it for free because does anybody know how many wells I have used? I counted them and I have used 3,825 wells!

Well, (that's 3,826 wells) One day in 1985 I had to go "up the Hill" to Senate Chambers. I took my oldest with me to see government in action. We stood beside Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island when Jimmy said," Why is everybody whispering?" Before I could say anything, Senator Pell said, "We whisper so that no one will wake and do something we will all be sorry about."

The Burkes' Premises Gallery in the VanOrnam Building in Essex (read that as Essex Post Office) is having Heart of Winter, a mixed media showing on Feb. 14. Four of the five women artists will be there from noon to 4 p.m. It looks like it'll be a great show, and best of all, its free admission.

When Carrick mentioned at the Methodist Church Coffee Hour that he had to go to E-Town(can't say where because of hippylot) to get weighed, a bunch of his Essex groupies decided to motor there to watch our hero in action. The actual weighing-in ceremony there took longer than the Sonny Liston-Cassius Clay pre-fight weighing-in imbroglio (handlers started a fight). Next week the Cavenys have invited everyone to drive out to Willsboro Point to watch the ice crack. Who says life is boring in Essex?

In more Essex news, does anyone know the name of a famous person showing up last week in Essex? Good to see the Stats getting on the school bus the other day. Good luck to Al Carrick in his new job in Louisville, Kentucky. Happy B day to Lincoln and Darwin both born on the 12th. Lincon cut trees while Darwin climbed them.

I see where the Lake Placid Visitor Center wants to spend that $125,000 bed tax surplus to replicate John Brown's coffin ride from Harper's Ferry to (surprise) Lake Placid, in a Quadricentennial event that might be attended by 23 people during the five-state trip. It ends, I hear, with a reception for necrophiliacs in (surprise) Lake Placid. I guess that there aren't any other county Quadricentennial events needing any financial support.

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