The Ethan Allen Express subsidy

If I'm correct in my surmise, wouldn't that mean that he's not well-positioned for much discretionary spending once they arrive at the tourism magnet of southwestern Vermont, and wouldn't that pretty much cancel out the pay-to-play-based economic arguments to get him into the state, by subsidy if necessary, so that he can spend lavishly upon arrival? If, on the other hand, the letter writer walks from the new Amtrak station to the nearby charity food and lodging purveyors, that wouldn't project to add much to the coffers of either local private enterprise or the more distant state government.

If I'm wrong, and the letter writer can easily afford to ski, eat, sleep, purchase antiques, leaf peep, and maybe even bar hop, can't he just as easily afford to pay his full train fare? He probably can, or he wouldn't still be a resident of an expensive locale like Glen Head-a town that boasts a 2007 cost-of-living index of 168 compared to a national average of 100 - and so he ought to be able to spring for the full $68-per-capita and not cajole the Montpelier Golden Dome folks to take it by threat of force from the locals, less fortunate (a little P.C.-lingo, there) than Glen Headers like him.

Former Vermonter Martin Harris lives in Tennessee.

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