The Big Change Roundup

Well, as I've said before, I don't like to voice my opinion unless it's something I feel strongly about. In this instance, I do.

Denton Publications is participating in the Big Change Roundup for Kids, a fundraiser sponsored by Hall Communications radio station WOKO 98.9 FM and Wal-Mart to benefit the Vermont Children's Hospital in Burlington, Vt.

Some may see this and say, "Burlington? Why would I want my money going over there? We need to support our hospitals and doctors over here on this side of the lake."

True. We do need to support our physicians and great facilities like CVPH Medical Center. And, we do.

However, Vermont Children's Hospital has touched many lives throughout the North Country and beyond. I've only been here a little more than a year, but already I've heard time and again how the Burlington hospital has helped kids with life-threatening conditions.

Take Tanner Jubert, for example. Tanner's a teenager from the town of Mooers who goes to NCCS. He was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2 and was helped through his condition by Vermont Children's Hospital. Today, he says there are no signs of his cancer reoccurring and he helps efforts at his school to raise money for the hospital. (You'll see his full story on the front page of this week's edition and on our Web site.)

We've heard of the Big Change Roundup each year, and it wasn't until our recent partnership with Hall Communications to host North Country Commerce that we really took a closer look at how we could do more to help. And, how simple it is.

All we had to do is put posters in our Plattsburgh office's front window on Margaret Street and our main office in Elizabethtown on Hand Avenue. Those posters encourage people to come in and drop off their change to be donated to the children's hospital.

How much easier can it get? Not much.

It's part of our motto, "We're more than a newspaper, we're a community service."

If you want to know more about how you can help the Big Change Roundup, give our offices a call at 561-9680 in Plattsburgh or 873-6368 in Elizabethtown.

Don't forget there's even more about the fundraiser on our Web site, www.denpubs.com, and the Roundup 's Web site, www.bigchangeroundup.org.

Jeremiah Papineau is the editor of the North Countryman. He can be reached at jeremiah@denpubs.com

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