Students to participate in Career Day

INDIAN LAKE - There is an old saying: if you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Picking a future is a lot easier if you know the scope of various careers and the pathway to obtaining a job you are interested in. That understanding is what the April 24 Indian Lake Central School Career Day will be about for ILCS students.

ILCS will be inviting speakers to discuss their careers, so students have a first hand understanding about not only what a person does in his or her job, but also what he or she did to get that job. This will include education, experience and work ethic.

In this all-day event students will complete forms that require them to glean information about the career, experience and the education required. There will be ample opportunity for students to ask questions about not just the careers they are interested in, but others that they could become interested in.

The first step in this process was to work with Genine Longacker, ILCS guidance counselor (and Career Day committee member), so the speakers being recruited would be of interest to students. To do this the committee received student input on which careers to bring to the school.

Committee member and eighth grader Abbie Darling surveyed the middle school students. High school students Merrill Pine and Karisa Giessen surveyed the high school students. The three students were able to give the committee good research about what careers to recruit.

Then the committee pooled one of the best resources available - the faculty - to see if the teachers and staff had a friend or family member in those careers. ILCS is very fortunate that these professionals are willing to take time and visit the school to share their knowledge.

The careers range from pilot to EMT (emergency medical technician) to military service to forensic investigator. There will be discussions, demonstrations and hands on activities for the students to glean information from.

The committee is always looking for community members who are interested in sharing their experiences, if not for this year, perhaps in the future. If interested, please contact the school.

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