Remembering the early Snow Train

NORTH CREEK - The snow trains brought hundreds of visitors to North Creek. Because there were neither hotel rooms nor restaurants sufficient enough to handle the number of guests, they stayed and ate in homes throughout the village. Mary Lou Cole remembers her grandmother's account of the exciting weekend of Jan. 25, 1936.

She says her grandmother had 12 newspapermen, photographers, and a model, who was married to one of the photographers. A well-known sportswriter of the day, Jimmy Powers from the Daily News, and his photographer, Stanley Brown, were among the group. The following is taken from an article written by Jimmy Powers which appeared in the Sunday Daily News Jan. 26, 1936:

"North Creek, NY, January 25, 1936 - A bright sun, knee-deep blanket of powdery drifts and a thermometer that registered exactly zero greeted Photographer Stan Brown and me as we piled out of snow train early this morning. It was our first trip to this miniature St. Moritz and it was something of a new experience for many of the three hundred New Yorkers who tumbled out of their Pullman to find the village chimneys smoking and clean white clouds over Gore Mountain.

"'Leave your skis and snowshoes at the end of the platform and look for the bus bearing your number,' shouted C.L. Topping, a brisk gent in a navy blue parka. Topping is the town's Grover Whalen.

"It is his job to see that skiers to the number of 3,000 or more are bedded down in a town that has only 600 population. Every spare bedroom is numbered and outlying farmhouses are pressed into service. Stan and I drew house number 11 which belongs to John Cole, a rugged ex-lumberman whose white house stands on a beautiful pine ride one mile from the depot.

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